Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell Together Again: ‘The Bachelor’ Besties Help Celebrate Kelly Travis’ Engagement

'The Bachelor' besties Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman and Kelly Travis

The ladies of The Bachelor 2014 with Juan Pablo Galavis may not have found lasting love with the lead of the show, but some lasting friendships were made. Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, and Kelly Travis have stayed close with one another, and now they’re embarking on a fun-filled weekend to celebrate one of the bachelorette’s engagements. What’s the scoop?

Kelly Travis quickly became a fan favorite during Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, in part due to her sense of humor, but also because she had her dog, Molly, along for the ride. She may not have lasted until the end of the season, but she clearly made some close friends while she was filming. Travis lives in Georgia just like The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman does, and the two get together quite often. From the looks of things, Kelly and The Bachelor “winner” Nikki Ferrell became close too.

Though Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell just split up, the Kansas City nurse isn’t laying low at home licking her wounds. Ferrell tweeted that she was headed to Atlanta to celebrate Travis’ engagement with Andi, Kelly, and two other The Bachelor buddies, Christy Hansen and Sharleen Joynt.

Not all that much is known in the “Bachelor Nation” world about Kelly’s fiancé. His name is Hunter, and a peek at his Instagram page indicates that he, Kelly, Andi, and her The Bachelorette fiancee Josh Murray have become quite the tight quartet. They’ve played golf together, headed out to listen to live music, and hit up plenty of other social gatherings. It would appear that Hunter proposed to Kelly during a recent trip to Jamaica, so Travis and her The Bachelor buddies aren’t wasting any time in getting together to celebrate.

With all this engagement and wedding talk, The Bachelorette fans will surely wonder just when Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray will be setting a date. They’ve previously indicated that they are still looking at a spring or summer date in 2015, but if they’ve settled on something more specific, they haven’t spilled the beans yet. By the looks of things, though, they are still on track to make it down the aisle.

While these gals will surely have a blast celebrating Kelly Travis’ engagement this weekend, most would imagine that there might be some jabs at Juan Pablo Galavis over some drinks now that Nikki Ferrell has split with him. It’ll surely be quite the wild weekend in Atlanta, and fans will be anxious to see more updates via social media from Christy, Sharleen, Kelly, Nikki, and Andi Dorfman.

[Image via Andi Dorfman’s Instagram]