WWE News: Colt Cabana Says 'CM Punk Is Happy' In Recent Interview

Jon Fisher

Leave it to CM Punk for being in the wrestling news every single week. Certain WWE fans think it's an outrage that Punk still finds himself on the list of stories for the week, while others are willing to accept that CM Punk is a figure in professional wrestling that will never go away. Punk's contributions to the WWE and the industry itself are near insurmountable. Yes, others surpassed his legacy and then some, but counting for every pro wrestler in history, Punk's in the top 25 with ease.

CM Punk had a pretty good week, as far as success goes. Marvel Comics announced that Punk would be writing a story about Thor for next year. On top of all that, Punk is appearing on The Talking Dead on AMC this week. Major credit is given to Punk for staying busy and doing what he loves: comic books, hockey games, and zombies. He's living the dream of every man, well, within reason.

Then comes the news for today, as Punk's friend, Colt Cabana, talked with the Miami Herald about his appearance on November 16 for RONIN show. That means a CM Punk-related question was asked and answered in a straight-forward manner -- the only way Cabana knows how to.

"When Punk wants to talk, he will talk. That's not for me. I enjoy seeing him being happy right now. So that's where I'll leave it. I know he is very happy. Things are going well for him. When he wants to talk, I'm sure he will do it."

What few fans don't understand is the seclusion that Punk enjoys. He's never been a man that loved being the center of attention, contrary to popular belief. Without sounding like a dating profile, Punk loves comic books, wrestling (regardless of the situation), his wife AJ Lee, music, and hockey games. Punk may shut down fans who strive to get his autograph because he's trying to be a normal human being.

Punk worked tired, injured, frustrated, and relentless for over 15 years. People don't remember that Punk started wrestling as a teenager. When asked, WWE superstars understand where Punk came from when he left the business. To this day, he doesn't have a personal vendetta against the WWE. He promoted their merchandise for his wife and also signed a new deal that allowed the WWE to sell his merchandise again.

Clearly, they spoke once and agreed on something. He may never wrestle again, but he will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. Like Cabana said, when CM Punk wants to talk, he will talk. Just be patient.

[Image via cmpunk.com]