WWE News: WWE Superstar The Great Khali Potentially Released

While it could be a slight mistake on the WWE.com website, it appears that former WWE World Champion The Great Khali could be gone from WWE. Khali was moved from WWE’s active roster to the alumni section recently, which usually triggers a release or retirement. However, WWE website workers have moved people there at times while working on other pages. So that could be what happened this time around. They also could have simply made a mistake in putting him there.

Khali has been with WWE for some time. He signed with the company in 2006, after a brief stint in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He began his wrestling career in 2000. Many have panned Khali’s ring work, calling him potentially the worst wrestler in the world. Despite this, Khali was billed as a monster early on, and ended up winning the World Heavyweight Championship. He went on to have several bad matches as the World Champ.

He only held the gold for a short period, but it was a big sign by WWE at the time that they were willing to put the gold on anyone with great size despite ability in the ring or on the mic. From 2008 and on, WWE has used Khali as more of a comedy act. He was given the moniker “The Punjabi Playboy,” and would have a series of encounters with WWE Divas or women in the audience.

WWE also put him in a limited schedule. Many thought WWE would never release Khali due to the fact that he is from one of the top wrestling markets in the world: India. WWE did have Jinder Mahal to help this, who probably could have been around for another 10 years due to his age and size. However, WWE chose to release him earlier this year. Without Khali, WWE does not have any true Indian on the roster. They also do not have one with an Indian gimmick either.

WWE alumni

This could turn out to be a problem for them down the road when they go to India, or even in overseas markets where Khali is popular. However, Khali easily could be brought in for these events by WWE.

Khali has been a huge attraction for WWE in the Indian area. He is considered a major sports figure there, which is one reason why WWE loved to use him overseas. The issue is that Khali is a 7 footer with leg problems. This is never good. Due to the injuries and limited time used, WWE most likely felt it best to put Khali in the alumni section.

The Wrestling Observer reported recently that “such a move was imminent,” and apparently it turned out to be.

Do not rule out ever seeing Khali again. WWE could always use him like they normally do, sparingly. He could have signed a new deal that required less dates or even a legends contract of sorts. Regardless, WWE has not yet put out an official release for Khali, so this move could have been WWE’s way of quietly letting him go from full-time work, but still have him in some sort of contract with them. If we do not see something official soon, this will probably be what we need to assume.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, itimes.com]