West Virginia University Suspends All Frats, Sororities After Student Found Without Pulse

West Virginia University has put all fraternities and sororities on suspension after a student incident in which an 18-year-old male was found at a party without a pulse. The situation is being looked at as a “catastrophic event” for the school, and it has put things in an entirely different perspective between partying and studying.

According to WPXI, the emergency happened at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house at West Virginia University early on the morning of November 13. That was when 18-year-old Nolan Burch was found on the floor of the home not breathing and without a pulse.

As an officer arrived on the scene at the West Virginia University frat house, he witnessed someone performing CPR on Burch. The officer than took over and continued to perform CPR until EMS arrived on the scene to do more for him.

It was then that Burch was taken from the frat house to Ruby Memorial Hospital for more treatment. He is currently in intensive care.

After the incident came to the knowledge of West Virginia University officials, the school immediately said that all fraternity and sorority activities were suspended, per Yahoo! News. This includes social gatherings, parties, events, and pledging activities.

“The action to halt fraternity and sorority activities is being done with the well-being and safety of our students in mind,” Dean of Students Corey Farris and other school officials said.

A joint statement was made by officials of West Virginia University and the school’s Inter-Fraternity and Panhellenic councils that all Greek organizations affiliated with the college had been suspended. The reasoning given was the “catastrophic medical emergency of Nolan Burch.”

Just last week, there was another fraternity at WVU — Sigma Chi — that was suspended after 19 intoxicated pledges were arrested or cited for underage possession of alcohol in a street fight. In that incident, Morgantown, West Virginia, police said numerous calls came in of a disturbance, and upon arrival, they found students “running and screaming, yelling and engaging in disorderly conduct.”

When asked, the students originally said they were members of a rival fraternity at West Virginia University, and now they could also face charges of obstructing justice and providing false information.

Just last year, West Virginia University was at the top of the Playboy list of best party schools in the nation. Playboy specifically mentioned the parties for St. Patrick’s Day and FallFest when “thousands of strapping Mountaineers take to the streets to major in booze-fueled debauchery and minor in public disturbance.”

[Image via West Virginia University]