Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, And Kate Upton Use David Kirsch’s Gluten-Free Low-Carb Diet: Details! [Video]


Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, and Kate Upton share a secret weapon. And his name is David Kirsch, a celebrity trainer who quietly sculpts the bodies of the entertainment world’s beautiful bodies with a combination of strict low-carb diet guidelines and intense workouts, reported E! News.

Although Liv is pregnant with her second child, David has guided her through a series of prenatal exercises as well as dietary changes.

“You want to move your body, and with that It puts you in a zone—a better zone. You eat more healthily, you have more energy and it’s healthier for the baby. Everything is better.”

Kirsch contrasts that gentle routine with his tough regime for Kate Upton. He praises the actress, who also has appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue twice, for her dedication to a low-carb diet and fitness routine.

“We stay away from carbs and sugars, the obvious things, and I dial it up. We do intense circuit training, boxing and focus on the core and butt as well. She eats a clean diet.”

But Kate doesn’t stop at following David’s gluten-free, low-carb diet, he told Elle. She also sometimes does a 48-hour cleanse.

“Everyone wants to know if she is disciplined with her diet and exercise, and the answer is that she is amazing about the diet. She does a few egg whites with spinach for breakfast, and when she wants to, she does a 48-hour cleanse.”

Watch the results below from her swimsuit shoot.

Kirsch’s general guidelines require avoiding sugar, alcohol, and all processed carbohydrates. He is such a believer in gluten-free diets that he has both his daughters follow the program as well.

“I have both my daughters on gluten-free diets and you can see the difference. They are only four years old and it definitely changes their mood. You can see that for sure,” David said.

As the Inquisitr reported, gluten-free diets don’t always solve all health concerns, however. Although some dieters follow them for relief from problems such as bloating, others find help from using food elimination diets to discover a specific food intolerance.

Kirsch isn’t the only celebrity parent who encourages children to follow specific diet guidelines. Heidi Klum also involves her kids in her diet program, she told Glamour.

“I like to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. In 2013, I made a New Year’s resolution to drink a fruit and veggie smoothie every morning. It’s one of those that went from a resolution to a life habit. My kids and I do it together, and we love it.”

And for those who want a simple way of remembering Kirsch’s rules for staying lean, David sums them up with an A-B-C rule, he told Well and Good.

“Follow my A,B,C’s—no alcohol, bread, or processed carbs, and I advise them to stay away from dairy and sugars. Keep it clean, lean, and green,” says Kirsch.

[Photo By Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]