George W. Bush Calls Bill Clinton His 'Brother From Another Mother' On Instagram

George W. Bush is making clear just how much he really likes former foe Bill Clinton by calling him his "brother from another mother." The not-so-surprising remark is now a hashtag on Twitter, after both former presidents started a back and forth about what social media channel they use regularly.

In a recent interview, Bush confessed that he spoke to Clinton often, "just to talk," while he was in office and listened to his advice, though he didn't always agree with it. Showing that even the most bitter political rivals can become good friends, this "bromance" is one of the most fascinating ones in recent memory.

When George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were active in politics, as viable presidential candidates, it was believed that the animosity between the two extended to their personal lives. However, those theories have been debunked in recent years. As both men have moved on following their time in office, we have witnessed how their friendship has grown to the point that Bush calls Clinton his "brother."

George W. Bush has a new book about his father, George H. W. Bush, called 41, and when Clinton received his copy, he took to his preferred social media site, Twitter, to tell everyone about it. He included a photo of #42 enjoying his book.

As you can see, Bill Clinton took the opportunity to take another jab at George W. Bush for not being on Twitter. Not as slow as many believed him to be, Bush immediately went on his favorite social media site, Instagram, and showing that he knows how to use the gadget, posted this.

Bush Instagram

In a current atmosphere in which politicians in opposing parties don't seem to be able to get along and get things done, the former presidents are showing the American people that no matter how different their views are, there is always room to find common ground -- and even grow a lasting friendship.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton genuinely like one another, as has been apparent in recent joint appearances, where they have been spotted laughing wholeheartedly and joking with one another.

Everyone remembers George W. Bush and Bill Clinton's unpopular policies and gaffes, in word or deed, but for most, it is a refreshing sight to see bitter former enemies getting along and showing current leaders how it's done.

What do you think of the interactions between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton?

[Image via The Blaze/Twitter]