Prince Charles’ Birthday: His Royal Highness Turns 66, Will He Ever Be King?

Prince Charles birthday

Prince Charles is celebrating his 66th birthday today, but will he ever be King of England? As his mother, Queen Elizabeth II shows little signs of slowing down at 88, it seems less likely every day that His Royal Highness will ever be crowned.

Born Charles Philip Arthur George in 1948, Charles has always been a controversial character within the royal family. As a young man, he was the most eligible bachelor for years and finally settled on a very young Diana Spencer, who became The People’s Princess, after winning the hearts of her subjects.

Many still partly blame Charles’ infidelities and harsh treatment of his wife for her disappointed life and despite the fact that together they brought to life their two sons, William and Harry, who are some of the most popular members of the royal family, Prince Charles is still looked at suspiciously.

If you were to take a poll of random British subjects and asked who they like better, Prince Charles or his sons, the results would most likely show the young men. However, don’t believe that Charles is not popular with traditionalists, who like things the way their supposed to be and oppose changing the monarchy.

But Charles has been directly linked to change, as he was responsible for bringing Diana into the royal family and making her the mother of his children, who are following in her footsteps and bringing this old institution into the 21st century. With their simple style, Princes William and Harry, along with Will’s wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have single-handedly made the entire clan more appealing to every day folks.

Most people who have met Prince Charles think he is a very easy going fellow and there is no question the man has changed through the years. Going from the awkwardness of his younger years (which is still present in some ways), to a more confident and relaxed father and grandfather, Charles has certainly evolved with the times.

Now as Prince Charles marks his 66th birthday, he has become a respected future king, as he seems to have a great relationship with William and Harry, despite his ugly divorce from their mother and subsequent marriage to the woman who made Diana’s life miserable, Camilla Parker-Bowles. The boys seem to have accepted her as the woman who has brought happiness to his father, though there are rumors that she and Kate don’t get along.

The question on most British subjects minds as Prince Charles celebrates his birthday is whether he will ever become King, when he has a young, vibrant, very well liked son who is also ready to take on the duties of head the English Church. Many of the younger Brits seem to favor William over his father, but Charles would have to step down willingly and he trained all his life for this role.

As Prince Charles celebrates his birthday, do you think he will become King of England one day?