Most Expensive Dog Search? Woman Spends $35,000 Looking For Lost Dog, Missing Since 2013!

Georgetown woman spends $35,000 looking for her lost dog

Janet Mihalyfi, 39, from Georgetown might just be the greatest pet lover ever. The District of Columbia woman who lost her beloved dog Havoc in November 2013 is leaving no stone unturned to get him back. Since Havoc went missing on November 9, 2013, well over a year ago, Janet has spent an astounding $35,000 in her efforts to get him back. She is doing everything possible – from posting thousands of fliers, installing cameras in the woods where Havoc was lost, putting out Havoc’s favorite foods to hiring private investigators and even psychics!

Mihalyfi’s dog is a five-year-old Rottweiler mix. She was walking him along with her other dogs without leashes in a wooded area when a deer passed by. Both the dogs chased the deer away. While Janet’s other dog returned, Havoc wasn’t seen ever since, reports ABC News.

In an appeal to people who might have seen the dog, Mihalyfi told the Associated Press on Thursday;

“Anybody that has a pet knows that they are a family member. I love him as I would anybody that I’m close with… I can’t give up on him.”

Ever since the disappearance of her dog, Mihalyfi who works as an information technology director at a Washington consulting firm, has spent each and every weekend of hers looking for the beloved dog. She has termed the search all-consuming, exhausting and depressing – but isn’t ready to give up. She also adds that the entire year has been an emotionally taxing one for her.

“It just feels like all these efforts — why am I not getting closer to getting to him?”

She has still not lost hope however – partly because of the fact that Havoc had been implanted with an identifying microchip before he was lost. Several people who have seen her signs have responded to her and told her about occasional sightings. It is now thought that her dog is still in two wooded parks that are spread across thousands of square miles

While she has received a lot of support from people who appreciate her dedication towards her dog, there are some others who have criticized her for spending so much money and time searching for a dog. She is in fact aware of this – but chooses to ignore it.

“I know people are in shock by the number but there’s also a correlation between how long I go after this,” Janet says.

Do you think it is okay to spend this kind of money in trying to get a dog back?

[Image Via AP/NY Post]