‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers About Shamy’s Future And ‘The Champagne Reflection’

Fans of The Big Bang Theory are probably pretty curious about Shamy’s future, after witnessing some huge milestones for the couple during the last two seasons of the show, and Mayim Bialik recently talked about what’s in store for Amy and Sheldon.

Last season, viewers were shocked to see Shamy kiss in “The Locomotive Manipulation,” but they were in for an even bigger surprise during this season’s “The Prom Equivalency” — Sheldon actually told Amy that he loved her, and he wasn’t just doing it because social convention dictates that a boyfriend should utter that powerful four-letter word to his girlfriend after being with her for so long.

However, there was an even bigger shocking moment in The Big Bang Theory prom episode — Sheldon admitted that he’s interested in having coitus with Amy. Sex could be the next big step for Shamy (unless the couple decides that they want to get married first), but actress Mayim Bialik seems to believe that Shamy won’t reach any more huge relationship milestones during Season 8.

During an interview with ET Online, Bialik revealed that there are currently no plans to have Shamy star in TV’s most awkward sex scene ever.

“I think we’re as together as we need to be right now. I think there’s a lot of anticipation and for me I think that’s a lot of the sweetness. We sort of keep riding that wave and enjoying each other the way that we are.”

Shamy fans will get to see more of Sheldon and Amy together in “The Champagne Reflection,” the November 20 episode of The Big Bang Theory. According to the Hollywood Hills, Sheldon will decide to retire from his “Fun with Flags” YouTube series. He and Amy will reminisce about their good times together on “Fun with Flags” by looking at highlights from the show. Meanwhile, Bernadette will find out that her boss isn’t her biggest fan (he already admitted this to Penny), and Leonard, Raj, and Howard will rummage through a deceased professors’ papers.

According to TV Line, LeVar Burton will be reprising his role as himself. Unfortunately, the Reading Rainbow host isn’t returning to The Big Bang Theory to read Go the F*** to Sleep to Sheldon for a bedtime story — he’s just going to appear on “Fun with Flags.” Sheldon will offend LeVar by showing him a clip of the time he dressed in blackface to portray George Washington Carver for Black History Month.

As evidenced by Jim Parsons’ Instagram photo below, Sheldon’s frenemy Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie) will also be a “Fun with Flags” guest.

Barry Kripke Returns To The Big Bang Theory

Here are a few other quick spoilers about “The Champagne Reflection”: Sheldon will pop open a bottle of champagne, he’ll offend LeVar Burton a second time, Bernadette will cry, and there will be a Roger Rabbit joke.

Are you sad that Shamy will continue to take baby steps on The Big Bang Theory, or do you think moving slow suits the odd couple?

[Image credits: CBS, Jim Parsons/Instagram]