Katy Perry Sexy Bed Selfie: Singer Compares Self To Heroine Of Novel About Pedophilia

Katy Perry posted a selfie taken in bed to her Twitter account Thursday morning — a photo that was notable for displaying an unusual amount cleavage while the "Firework" singer wears a barely-there nightie. But the sexy selfie perhaps even more noteworthy for its caption, in which the 30-year-old Katy Perry compares herself to the 12-year-old title character of a famous novel about pedophilia.

"Feeling a little Lolita rn," (i.e. "right now), Perry says in the caption to her sexy selfie, making a reference to the classic 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov entitled Lolita — a novel that has twice been adapted to film. The first movie adaptation, directed by Stanley Kubrick, came in 1962. The next major adaptation came 35 years later in the 1997 film of Lolita by 9 1/2 Weeks director Adrian Lyne.

Katy Perry is nearly as famous for her ample bustline as for her music, once admitting that as a child growing up in a conservative Christian household, she prayed for God to grant her "boobs so big that I can't see my feet when I'm lying down."

Nonetheless, she infrequently posts selfies at all to her social media accounts, and then rarely does she reveal much of her well-known assets. As a result, her Thursday selfie snapped in bed was an attention-grabber for its visual attributes

Presumably, Perry, who has admitted to being "obsessed" with the character Lolita, was attempting to evoke the appearance of a sexualized underage girl, with her facial expression and scant bedwear in the bed selfie.

The plot of Nabokov's novel involves a middle-aged college professor, Humbert, who confesses to the reader that he is sexually attracted to "nymphets," in other words, underage girls. He marries a widow in order to be close to the woman's daughter, Dolores Haze, whom he rechristens with the private nickname "Lolita."

After unsuccessfully attempting to sexually molest Lolita, Humbert is surprised when the pre-teen girl takes the initiative to start a full-fledged sexual relationship with him — a relationship that if it occurred in real life would be a clear case of pedophilia and statutory rape on Humbert's part.

"I have studied this woman's every move," Katy Perry once said of her fascination with the fictional Lolita character. "She was young and innocent but had a bit of a sex kitten in her and knew exactly how to use it."
Katy Perry markets false eyelashes which carry the brand name "Lovely Lolita," but whether she is wearing them in the sexy bed selfie is not specified.