Beyoncé Photoshop: Singer Accused Of Photoshopping ’99 Problems’ Photo, Deletes It From Tumblr

Beyoncé is under scrutiny once again for allegedly Photoshopping pictures.

On Sunday, Nov. 9, the “Drunk in Love” singer took to Tumblr with a racy picture sporting a trendy, sleeveless t-shirt that reads, “99 Problems, But My A** Ain’t One.” Of course, the picture quickly gained popularity among fans but unfortunately, it also attracted something else — endless criticism and skepticism. An overwhelming number of fans accused the Grammy-Award winning singer of photo-shopping her waistline and the gap between her thighs, reports New York Daily News.

Now, Mirror UK reports the picture in question has mysteriously disappeared from her official Tumblr page. The heightened level of criticism reportedly led to the decision to remove the picture because it is no longer available on the site. It has been replaced with a similar shot of the singer striking a different pose. Fans have taken to various social media platforms with their opinion of the alleged Photoshopped pictures. Here’s what a few fans had to say:

The allegations come just months after the “Flawless” singer’s last questionable picture. Back in April, Beyoncé was accused of retouching an image taken on the beach. Ironically, several media outlets reported the singer had edited the same aspects of that picture — her waist and thighs. However, the edits in the previous picture were reportedly much more noticeable than the changes to the current picture in question.

Although the singer has yet to confirm or deny the rumors about both pictures, deleting the picture only raises more speculation. A representative for Beyoncé has yet to respond to the rumors about the latest pictures.

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[Image(s) via Tumblr, Beyoncé]