Federal Investigators Will Monitor Facebook Tracking Practices Under Settlement Agreement

Facebook tracking has come under FTC and Senate committee fire in recent times as rumors circulate in which Facebook tracks not only logged in users but also non-users who access any Facebook page for any number of reasons.

It was just one week ago that the FTC offered Facebook a settlement over a complaint which stated that users were harmed by changes in privacy settings that were conducted with no warnings from the world’s largest social network.

Under the FTC proposal all privacy changes would be “opt-in” on behalf of users in order for Facebook to collect data about a users internet activities.

FTC officials first started examining Facebook in December 2009 after the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) complained abut their constantly changing privacy settings which caused users to reveal their names, gender and other personal information publicly.

Under terms of the FTC agreement Facebook would have to be given explicit permission to share data and they would be under an annual independent review microscope for the next 20 years.

In the meantime Facebook uses the data they collect to create highly-targeted ads which in turn helps raise revenues, it will be interesting to see what type of compromise the company will accept to continue their tracking campaigns from a targeted ad viewpoint.

Do you think Facebook has overstepped their boundaries with constant changes to their privacy policy?