Selena Gomez Gets Smart, Sassy Advice From Kendall Jenner: ‘Don’t Cry Over Boys’

Kendall Jenner Tells Selena Gomez To Stop Crying

“Don’t cry over boys,” is the shortened version of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram statement on Thursday. She added, “Do some squats and make them cry, wishin they still had dat ass.”

It seems logical to speculate the model is referring to Selena Gomez crying multiple rivers over former boyfriend Justin Bieber in the video for her new song, “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” since Kendall recently spent time with each of them on separate occasions.

Selena and Justin split during their recent reunion somewhere between their Paris Fashion Week and Caribbean break.

But while some in the rumor mill claim Kendall is to blame, that seems unlikely.

“We were never not friends,” Selena herself said of Kendall to radio host Ryan Seacrest in an interview, hours after her video premiered. The two girls were recently seen hugging at one of Jenner’s 19th birthday celebrations.

The actress-singer added that she made a decision to only follow fans on Instagram and “didn’t realize it [her unfollow of the Jenner sisters] after a Coachella hang in April “would start so much stuff.”

While Justin and Kendall were seen giggling over coffee cups in an Instagram video that he posted some time before unfollowing his former girlfriend on Instagram on Wednesday, many sources have previously said the model and the Biebs are pals.

Eyewitnesses also saw Justin, Kendall and mutual pal Hailey Baldwin attending a Hillsong Church service in New York City on Sunday, November 9.

Now it seems Kendall is making sure everybody knows she isn’t taking sides between the Biebs and Selena, but instead is offering sound advice to Selena — and all girls — to pick themselves up and move on after tough breakups.

To Seacrest, Selena said of her current relationship with Justin:

“I support him. I think I always will. I’m upset when he’s upset, I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything bad ever happen to him. It hurts me. That’s all.”

Justin’s unfollow of Selena on the photo-sharing site isn’t a surprise, after they fought on Instagram at the weekend.

Some gossip sites are claiming the “Confident” singer unfollowed the Disney alum to play hard to get. Frankly, that’s a guess, as there are many other ways the former Jelena could communicate if they wanted to.

Selena Gomez

But, it does seem as if — for now — Justin doesn’t want to be reminded of Selena popping up on his Instagram feed.

It’s also probably no coincidence that he is cutting ties after her new song and video debuted last week.

Although Selena said the former love of her life thought the song was “beautiful,” the effect of the stark opener to the video, vivid lyrics such as “I’m praying that I’m gonna make it out alive” and “this is a modern fairytale, no happy endings,” basically told the whole world that loving Justin eventually took a heavy, emotional toll on her — even though she repeatedly made the choice to reunite.

“Don’t cry over boys. Do some squats and make them cry, wishin they still had dat ass.”

Best advice yet.