'Shake It Off' Holds Billboard Top Spot As YouTube Violin Version Soars

Yes, that is "Shake it Off" singer-songwriter Taylor Swift on the cover of Wonderland, and her "Shake It Off" song can be called a land of wonder in its own right, in light of all the buzz that's popping off online over that famous shake song.

One of the most recent viral "Shake it Off" covers can be found in the Inquisitr article titled "Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" Gets Gorgeous Violin Duo Rendition" and also on YouTube, whereby the video titled "Shake it Off – Chargaux Violin Cover (Killed It)" is creeping towards 225,000 views pretty swiftly -- and folks who love the calming feel of that "Shake it Off" cover can plop the YouTube URL into a site like Flvto and listen to it all day.

Or perhaps this eerily, almost perfectly timed "Shake it Off – 1989 Aerobics Championship Edition" YouTube video would float their boats. The year that Swift was born provides the perfect era for the super-smiley shiny spandex wearing big-haired dancers to shake their hips and clap on and off to the exuberant beat.

There was also news anchor Dan Thorn's happy "Shake it Off" dancing that featured a co-host who looked less than happy to shake off her slight sourpuss with him, as seen in the Huffington Post.

In the end, it's the infectious beat of "Shake it Off," combined with Swift's amazing writing, that's the reason people can't shake this song off.

"I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay," Swift sings in the "Shake it Off" opening, letting the general public know that's she's well aware of the criticism some levy at the celebrity. "At least that's what people say," she croons, but declares she will "shake it off, shake it off" as aptly as Paul shook off that devious snake that latched onto his arm on the island of Malta.

Therein lay the reason for the beautiful popularity of "Shake it Off" within the rousing lyrics: Haters may hate and certain armchair quarterbacks may try and spew their jealous venom, but shake off the poison and keep on moving to your own music. It's Swift most addictive song and message since she burst onto the scene with "Should've Said No" all those years ago, and judging by the "Shake it Off" sales and download numbers -- Billboard says it is holding their top spot -- the anthem has resonated.

[Image credit: Wonderland]