Ted Cruz Fights Three-Headed Serpent In New Coloring Book

Ted Cruz Coloring Book

Ted Cruz is the star of his own coloring book, and it is selling as fast as they can print them. The book features scenes from the tea party Senator’s career like his 21 hour filibuster against Obamacare, as well as images of his future, like him walking into the White House in 2016.

The coloring book is called Ted Cruz Saves America and it’s produced by Really Big Coloring Books. For those fans who have already bought and colored in last year’s, Cruz to the Future coloring book, be warned, CBS News reports that Ted Cruz Saves America is actually the same book, just re-released with an additional section. The addition is about eight pages of coloring fun.

One of the additional pages shows Ted riding on an eagle, rifle in hand, fighting against a three-headed serpent made to represent Obamacare, illegal immigration, and taxation. If that page isn’t thrilling enough, there’s another page with Senator Cruz and his family arriving in the White House.

So, why was a second Ted Cruz coloring book necessary?

According to the publisher, the demand was obvious, and the new book is already paying off.

The original Ted Cruz Saves America was the number one children’s coloring book on Amazon for 20 weeks according to USA Today, and the newest book looks equally promising. As the Huffington Post reports, Ted Cruz Saves America’s first run of 10,000 copies were sold out within 24 hours. A second batch went out about as quickly, and now, six days after its original edition, it’s on the third printing.

Even though it’s a re-cut of a book that’s only one-year-old, Ted Cruz Saves America is a huge hit as explained by publisher Wayne Bell.

“At this point, I would almost call it a phenomenon. It’s beyond us. We’re just trying to catch up with the printing… This book was so wildly crazy popular, some parents consider this man a real superhero.”

But don’t be confused, this coloring book depicting the senator as some kind of superhero is not meant to be an endorsement.

“We make books for the entire slice of America. I’ve never talked to Mr. Cruz. I don’t know him…But there are fanatic admirers of Ted Cruz.”

To be fair, Really Big Coloring Books also made a coloring book starring President Barack Obama after his 2008 inauguration. But unlike the Ted Cruz coloring book, the sequel to the Obama book flopped in 2012.

[Image Credit: Youtube.com]