Cote de Pablo Returning To 'NCIS'? Why Ziva David Isn't Really Gone For Good

Could Cote de Pablo return to NCIS? This is a question that fans of the television show have been asking for months. Since the actress made the decision to leave the show, people have been wondering if she'd ever consider giving it another go. Since she was written off in such away that would allow her character Ziva David to return, some say that they are still hopeful that Cote will have a change of heart.

According to Buddy TV, Ziva isn't really gone. Although she's not physically on the show each week, her name still comes up from time to time, and it seems clear that Tony Dinozzo (played by actor Michael Weatherly) still thinks about Ziva, and maybe even still loves her.

Although Cote de Pablo hasn't been on the show this season, her spirit hasn't disappeared. On the Oct. 28 episode, Abby and Tony spoke about Ziva, and their conversation was interesting to say the least.

"Abby summons Tony to the lab, and she gives him a big hug before telling him they need to talk about the past year. Tony doesn't want to go there, but Abby is determined. She even gives him a head slap and tells him that no one is buying his happy, dating act. She tells him to say one word: Ziva. He says it and admits that he knows that she decided not to come back, but knowing that fact doesn't make it any easier. Abby confesses that she misses her, too, but again reminds Tony that it was Ziva's choice to leave them," reports Buddy TV.

In reality, it was Cote de Pablo's choice to leave NCIS, so this could suggest that if the actress wanted to come back, she would be able to. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show's creator Gary Glasberg has said that he'd be open to a new Ziva storyline, and that the door was left open for a reason. Of course ratings for the show would skyrocket if Ziva came back, even if it was just a cameo appearance in one episode!

According to Enstarz, de Pablo seems to be having a great time on The Dovekeepers, which will air on CBS in 2015. Once production on the miniseries wraps, the actress may start thinking about giving her fans what they desire. In fact, Cote has nothing scheduled for 2015 according to her IMDb page, so maybe she'd consider.