‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl Carrying Body In Sheet Photo Hints Beth May Be Dead

The Walking Dead spoilers circling around the internet indicate that Beth may die in the next episode. A video clip from the upcoming segment of the most popular show on television shows Daryl carrying a body wrapped in a white sheet. The expert archer is joined by Carol at a fire ring and says, “Thank you” before putting the body in the flames.

The typical death disposal routine on The Walking Dead has followed a “bury the ones we love, burn the rest” philosophy – courtesy of Andrea. But, saying “thank you” to the sheet-covered body does not indicate a lack of relationship with the recently deceased. On the other hand, the rough on the outside and sensitive on the inside Daryl Dixon would likely be fighting back a bit more emotion if Beth had indeed died and was being put to rest.

None of the members of Rick Grimes’ ever-expanding and contracting group is safe while fighting for survival during the zombie apocalypse – so the second tragedy of the season could be Beth. Bob was the first beloved cast member to perish this season – but not before telling his leg-munching captors they had just consumed tainted meat.

An Instagram photo posted by Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) sparked a flurry of Walking Dead spoilers speculation about the upcoming character death online. The individual wrapped inside the white sheet is definitely too small to be anyone but a woman, older child, or very thin man. Noah is a thin man – so he remains a possibility as well. Reedus did not post a caption beneath the image or comment on the scene.

Is Eugene dead or alive? Abraham hit him so hard he passed out before falling and going face first onto the pavement with a thud. Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene, told Zap2it that he feels like the “clock’s ticking” on his character now that the road trip group knows he does not have a cure for the zombie apocalypse. In The Walking Dead graphic novel series, Eugene remains alive for quite a while, and is tasked with making bullets for the rest of the group.

“The show is its own thing. I don’t think anyone can ever look at the comics and go, ‘Well this is how my character’s arc is going to go,’ but it is nice to know that he’s still alive,” Josh McDermitt said. “Robert Kirkman probably has a reason to keep him around at this point, but again, the show is its own thing and I can only take it episode by episode.”

Who do you think Daryl and Carol are putting into the flames? Will Eugene live another day, even after lying to the group and creating hope that a cure could exist? Who is your favorite Walking Dead character?

[Image via: AMC/The Walking Dead]