Ohio Teacher Accused Of Raping Her Own Son

Ohio teacher Lori Ann Anderson has been arrested and charged with raping her own son. The Cridersville, Ohio, woman had been in the classroom for 29 years. Anderson has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting her then young teenage son with her ex-husband’s help. Criderville is in the Lima area. Anderson taught the first grade through third grade class at Cridersville Elementary School.

Lori Ann Anderson is facing up to 25 charges on her otherwise clean record. The 50-year-old Ohio teacher taught school in a small town of less than 2,000 people. The charges levied against the educator include gross sexual imposition, sexual battery, two counts of obstructing justice, and 11 counts of rape. Anderson’s attorney, Richard Kerger, said the public school teacher is eager to tell her side of the story and is now preparing for trial.

Charles Wycuff, 53, Lori Anderson’s ex-husband, has been indicted on 54 felony charges related to the sexual assault of the couple’s son, who is now 29. The charges against the Ohio teacher date back to June 1999. The charges against Charles Wycuff date back to 1997 and include rape, sexual battery, and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

lori ann anderson charles wycuff
Ohio teacher Lori Ann Anderson and ex-husband Charles Wycuff, are accused of raping their own son.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office began investigating both Anderson and Wycuff two years ago. The Ohio teacher’s attorney told the media that he believes the criminal investigation began after the son spoke with local police officers. Kerger also claims that the teacher’s now ex-husband was “abusive, dominant, engaged in misconduct” and was essentially “in charge or orchestrating it.” Wycuff’s attorney issued a release earlier this week, stating that his client is maintaining is innocence. The alleged victim’s father is being held in jail on a $500,000 bond.

Lori Ann Anderson and Charles Wycuff have been divorced since 2003. According to the couple’s dissolution agreement, Anderson was ordered to pay Wycuff $255 per month in child support. The Ohio teacher reportedly had another son who lived with her and Wycuff at the same time the alleged abuse occurred. The other son is not involved in the criminal case at this time.

The Ohio teacher accused of raping her own son was released from jail after posting 10 percent of the $150,000 bond levied by the court. Anderson’s attorney also stated that he believed his client had been fired from her job. The Cridersville Elementary School principal has not returned requests for comments on the case issued by the media.

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