Diem Brown Asks For Prayers: ‘The Challenge’ Star’s Condition Worsens As Cancer Progresses

'The Challenge' star Diem Brown asks for prayers

Diem Brown’s cancer battle has taken a worrisome turn as the MTV The Challenge star is back in the hospital again. Diem is currently in the midst of her third battle with the disease, but now she is asking for support and prayers as she feels that her doctors have given up hope.

The Challenge star has twice battled ovarian cancer, and this past summer it was discovered that she had cancer in her colon and stomach. It soon also spread to her lymph nodes and liver. Diem Brown’s cancer battle has led to multiple hospital stints, treatments and medications, but the struggle continues. Brown tweeted asking for advice and prayers, and of course fans have stepped up as best they can.

E! Online shares some additional details. Brown went back into the hospital this past Sunday and her good friend, and E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles shares that Diem is surrounded by family and friends. Sadly, Quarles’ honest update reveals that Brown’s condition is indeed quite dire. She shares that doctors have indicated that most people wouldn’t have survived this past night, but for now Diem is still stable.

In addition, Quarles indicates that Diem has asked for everybody to pray for her, as she and her loved ones believe in the power of prayer. The cancer is said to have essentially spread everywhere now, but they still aren’t giving up hope regardless of the odds.

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge first met Brown after her first battle with ovarian cancer. She moved fans by taking off her wig in front of the cameras for a challenge, showing her vulnerability to everyone. She’s participated in several seasons since then, despite a second battle with ovarian cancer in 2012.

Despite the multiple cancer battles and setbacks, Brown recently talked about being a warrior and planning for the future. She has never given up on having a family, and she’s indicated she is utilizing everything she can, including not only medical treatments but prayer and positive thinking, to beat this cancer a third time.

Quarles and Diem’s family have been with her constantly, and Alicia posted on Instagram that Diem requested a huge prayer circle. When told she has one, it seems Brown smiled and noted that a little reminder never hurts. Some time back, the reality TV star founded the site MedGift, and now many are checking in on Diem’s own page and donating to help with medical expenses.

Fans have known The Challenge star to be tough and inspiring, both in the game and in her everyday life. Though Diem Brown’s cancer battle this time around is the toughest she’s ever faced, and it seems that her condition is very dire at this point, she continues to have an incredible amount of support from fans, castmates, family, and friends.

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