Stacey Addison Jailed: 41-Year-Old American Jailed For Crime She Didn’t Commit

Stacey Addison was jailed in East Timor in Southeast Asia for a crime she didn’t commit. According to People Magazine, veterinarian Stacey Addison decided to quit her job and travel the world, little did she know she’d end up behind bars.

It all started when Addison jumped in a cab with a stranger last year, something that’s not uncommon in the area. Addison was minding her own business, trying to get to her destination, when police pulled the car over. A package held by the other passenger was searched, and authorities found drugs inside. Presumed guilty by association, Addison was arrested on the spot.

Stacey Addison was jailed even though she checked out okay. She was searched, and even given a drug test, and was “clean.” Four days later, Addison was freed, but she was told that she could not leave the country. On October 29, Addison went to court, thinking that she was going to be given her passport and sent on her way, especially after the passenger with the drugs said he didn’t know her and had never met her before. That’s when the real shock came. Addison learned that there was a warrant out for her arrest.

“She was jailed again. Her long blonde locks were chopped off and she was sent to Gleno prison, just outside Dili, the country’s capital… Addison has yet to even be questioned in connection with the investigation,” reports People Magazine.

While jailed, Stacey Addison is permitted to email letters to the U.S. Embassy so that she can stay in touch with her family. According to the New York Post, Addison is strong, but she is having a very hard time. The conditions aren’t the best to say the least. She has been sharing a cell with several other women, one of whom just gave birth. The newborn is also in the cell.

“I would not say she is happy. She is not. But she’s strong and knows we are doing all we can to help her. Her human rights were violated. According to our national laws, there is a miscarriage of justice in the making,” said Addison’s attorney, Paul Remedios.

As you can probably imagine, trying to get out of jail in a foreign country isn’t easy. In fact, it’s not easy in the States either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a woman in Los Angeles was just released from jail after 17 years. She was convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend back in 1997, but the truth was recently uncovered.

Stacey Addison will likely be jailed for several more months despite the efforts of her attorney, and the U.S. Embassy. There has been a Facebook page set up for support, and for updates on her story.

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]