John Wayne Bobbitt Jack-Knifed In Accident, Suffers Broken Neck

John Wayne Bobbitt is most notable for having his penis chopped off and hurled out of a car window by his ex-wife Lorena Bobbitt. The unfortunate assault resulted in a wild ride of fame for the ex-marine. He has since achieved a full recovery from the loss of his penis in 1993. Although life has greatly improved for Bobbitt, a recent car accident has left him with a broken neck.

The new bout of bad luck occurred when a car ran a red light and t-boned Bobbitt’s car, according to TMZ. He was driving to meet his brother in Buffalo on Tuesday when his Jeep was slammed by the car, breaking Bobbitt’s vertebrae in his neck and causing a slipped disk. Despite the severity of the injuries, Bobbitt seemed to be in good while laying in the hospital bed. Doctors who are treating Bobbitt believe he will make a full recovery without risk of further complications, including paralysis.

The New York Daily News posted photos of Bobbitt in his hospital bed and of his mangled Jeep. In the hospital photo, John Wayne Bobbitt can be seen flashing a peace sign to the camera, signaling he is okay.

John Wayne Bobbitt became a celebrity icon, of sorts, after his ex-wife, Lorena Bobbitt, chopped of his penis in a fit of rage after claiming he raped her. She then fled their home and flung his penis into a field from her car window. After an extensive search, the detached member was found and reattached by surgeons. Confident that the reattachment would be a success, doctors were unsure whether he would recover fully. Bobbitt later proved he did not receive permanent damage by starring in two porn films.

For most of his life, John Wayne Bobbitt has avoided the news headlines and was one America’s mightiest heroes, a marine. Despite the unfortunate accident back in 1993 and the most recent that occurred on Tuesday, Bobbitt has overcome multiple pitfalls and regained his health from each incident. If the doctors are correct this time, he should be back to normal daily business in no time.

Although the car accident and the broken neck are most likely not going to throw him back in the limelight like his original accident did, what is important is that he will recover and live a normal and productive life.

[Photo Courtesy: Canada Journal]