Footage of Three-Year-Old Girl Cursing Like An Adult Goes Viral, Sparks Controversy (Video)

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

There are millions of parents around the world who have used to social media to share precious moments in their children’s lives. Many milestones in life have been shared via social media. From crawling to first steps, parents have had no reservations about doting on their babies. However, all videos haven’t shown children at their very best. Back in January, a cursing toddler became the center of controversy when he was used as an example to depict how “the cycle of violence and ‘thuggery'” begins. Now unfortunately, yet another shocking video has surfaced. This time, it’s a little girl.

On Nov. 12, a disturbing video of a three-year-old girl was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The video chronicles a verbal sparring match between the little girl and a man. His relation to the little girl is unknown. The nearly two-minute clip begins with the man calling the little girl a “b—-.”

She immediately fires back with her own jaw-dropping retort. Throughout the video, the little girl is arguing with the man filming. As the video continues, he follows her through the home with the camera instigating the argument and provoking her actions. Of course, she continues to spew insulting epithets and expletives.

The video has garnered more than 250,000 views in less than 24 hours. However, that’s not all. Due to the nature of the footage, it has also received more than 7,500 comments. Although the footage was uploaded for comical purposes, an overwhelming number of viewers have had no reservations about sharing their critical opinion of the entire incident. Needless to say, most viewers definitely weren’t pleased with what they watched. Most have wondered who should be held accountable for the little girl’s actions.

“It’s not like its her fault she’s only a child. Whoever is behind the camera teaching her those words is a bad influence and should consider to stop being such a dumba–,” one viewer said.

“Whoever the dude is recording is very ignorant for one to encourage this behavior, record it and egg it on..obviously this little girl is a product of her environment and I dont see anything funny here its actually sad!” another viewer said.

“Wait till she goes to school. It might be cute now but wait till child services gets involved,” viewer Joe_Doe718 said.

“It’s never cute. That’s the problem. The adults are the problem for not being a lil more like old school parents and in stilling discipline,” viewer Jill Scottman argued.

“She doesnt even know what shes saying. Shes just repeating what she hears on a daily basis from mama and daddy,” another viewer cited.

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