Maryland Girl Missing: Jasmine Leighlin Baker, 12, Vanished On Way To School, FBI In Frantic Hunt

Maryland Girl missing Jasmine Leighlin Baker

A 12-year-old Maryland girl went missing Tuesday morning after leaving her home to walk to school at about 7:30 in the morning, and now the Baltimore County Police and the FBI are asking the public to help them search for sixth-grader Jasmine Leighlin Baker.

“She’s a child, she’s just a baby,” said her mother, Tina, in an interview with a local TV station. “If anybody knows anything or if somebody has her, or if she sees this, she needs to know that everybody loves her.”

Jasmine left to walk to school as she usually does on Tuesday morning. Her usual journey is a half-mile on foot from her house in Nottingham, Maryland, to Perry Hall Middle School. The walk takes her from her house on the 4200 block of Soth Avenue in Nottingham, followed by a left on Deborah Avenue then across Joppa Road to the school.

But she never arrived at school, and has not been heard from since.

The FBI joined the search for the missing Maryland girl on Wednesday. They want to know if anyone saw Jasmine walking along that route, or has any other information about where she could be or what might have happened after she left her house.

Police in Maryland say that the 12-year-old girl, like many girls her age, has a highly active presence on social media. But nothing has been heard from her since Tuesday morning.

“She just left for school, everything was fine,” said her father, Robert. “She said goodbye to her mother, told her she loved her — and never made it to school.”

Adding to her stress at the present time, Jasmine’s mom say she is angered that the school did not call to let her know that he daughter never showed up, even though she had no excused absence.

“It would really be nice to know sooner rather than later,” said Tina Baker. “I found out that my child was absent from school because she didn’t come home from school.”

The missing Maryland girl is 5’5″ and weighs 175 pounds. She has blue eyes and brown hair, which most recently was worn long with blonde and red-dyed streaks.

She was wearing jeans and a brown jacket when she left for school on Tuesday. The numbers to call for anyone who may have information are 410-265-8080 for the FBI or 410-307-2020 for the local police.

The FBI and police are trying to get billboard operator Clear Channel to put up billboards around Maryland with pictures of the missing girl.