Father Dubbed ‘Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever’ Has 25 Kids From 15 Different Women

A man from Tennessee, who has been dubbed “the worst deadbeat father ever,” reportedly has 25 children, from 15 different women, yet is failing to pay child support for them.

WREG reported yesterday that Terry Turnage is now wanted in another state due to his lack of financial support for his kids, as 22-year-old Paula Stewart says Turnage is the father of her 2-year-old son, and she wants help in raising him.

Even though Turnage reportedly arrives for his court hearings dressed in rags, it is well known that he owns a night club, drives fancy cars, and goes by the name of “TYB.”

Another of Turnage’s baby mommas, Miesha Davis, told reporters that she found out that she wasn’t alone in mothering a child for him, when she called the child support office.

“When I called, she was like ‘who?’ I said ‘Terry T. Turnage.’ She was like, ‘he’s famous,'” Davis said.

The child support office then dropped the bomb, when they informed Davis that her child was Turnage’s 24th!

WREG reported back in 2012 that other women had come forward, alleging that Turnage was the father of their children, and that he had failed to pay them reasonable child support. One mother told the station that she received $6, or $9 — and another told them she received just $1.26!

Davis added, “He’s going to tell me ‘I don’t care if the President say he mine. He ain’t mine.'”

Apparently Turnage flashes wads of money around, puts his name on luxury cars, and after a recent big birthday bash at his club, even bragged about having a $250 bottle of Hennessy.

It remains to be seen whether or not Terry Turnage will come clean and admit that he needs to pay the way for his children, as he is pursued for child support across at least three states.