‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Musical Coming To Sin City, Gays, Liberals Not Impressed

Duck Dynasty

Sadie Robertson is not the only member of the Duck Commander family to take the stage with spotlights, glitz and glamor. Now, the Louisiana family is taking their duck-calling antics on the road: The Duck Dynasty Musical is coming to Las Vegas in 2015. However, according to a New York Times report, some Evangelical Christians, gays — or both — are not happy with Phil Robertson’s family taking his homophobic symbolism to Sin City.

It’s being described as an ambitious project, arguably, the largest the family has taken on since introducing the world to their style of living years ago. The Duck Commander Family Musical is set to open in February at Vegas’ Rio Hotel and Casino. The 90-minute show won’t feature actual characters from the A&E reality TV show. Instead, like many other Broadway-style shows in Las Vegas, actors will do their best at representing the likeness of Si, Jase, Phil, Willie and others, while creating a raw experience that depicts their rise to fame from country living. The venue is not on The Strip, but sits in the backdrop of Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Aria and other famous brand names that do.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the Duck Dynasty show is based on stars ‘Willie and Korie Robertson’s book titled The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty.

Michael David, the Broadway producer (Jersey Boys) weighed in on the decision to host the Duck Dynasty family show in Vegas. To him, it’s more than a parody on the family known for donning long beards and camouflage gear.

“The show will end up challenging the views and assumptions of people across the political spectrum, more than most theater does. The Robertsons are so unusual, their story so juicy, and theater shouldn’t be limited to telling stories about people you resemble or revere.”

David, who says the show’s production will likely cost in the low seven figures, realizes that he and the Robertsons are up against a tall order in creating a wake of success. He points out that of the many Broadway musicals hosted in Vegas, only two (Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia!) have realized any degree of success. Others, like Hairspray struggled to wow the public and command market share.

With the Duck Dynasty Musical musical set to debut in Vegas early next year, several opponents to Phil’s message on modern morality in America are not impressed by the latest news.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the fallout the Duck Dynasty clan experienced last year when the Robertson family patriarch shared controversial remarks in a GQ interview about the LGBT community. Then, Phil compared homosexuals to bestiality, which he said is clearly against Biblical doctrine, and the offenders “won’t inherit the kingdom of God.”

GLAAD blasted Robertson’s remarks and characterized them as some of “the vilest and most extreme” spoken against the LGBT community, and are “littered with outdated stereotypes and blatant misinformation.” Sarah Kate Ellis, the advocacy group’s president, said the musical representing the Duck Dynasty family will face staunch scrutiny.

“The family has become symbolic of a much larger and somewhat dangerous problem of what we’re seeing in America — this issue of homophobia being masked as a religious value.”

Emanuel Azenberg, a longtime producer whose current musical is The Last Ship, takes issue with Vegas hosting the show. He describes how the industry has changed over time.

“It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s also a reminder that Broadway is mostly about making entertainment today — not art — even if it means getting involved with a family whose members say things that offend a lot of people working on Broadway.”

Do you think the Duck Commander Family Musical in Las Vegas is a good thing for entertainment and art? What impact will the Duck Dynasty patriarch’s homophobic comments in the past have on the success of the show?

[Image via: A&E via Huffington Post]