Prince George’s Regular Visit To Public Petting Zoo Isn’t So Much Fun For Other Kids, Parents

It’s been a while since Prince George has made any official appearances for the world to see more photos of him. It’s even more difficult to get new images now that the Prince William and Kate Middleton have strict orders against the paparazzi snapping unauthorized pictures so his invasion of privacy is protected.

There are instances in which the British public can suffer consequences of Prince George’s privacy if they’re out for the day and he’s there at the same time. This is a problem whenever he goes to his favorite animal petting farm near Bucklebury, the town where Kate’s parents live. In a report by the Daily Mail, it was discovered how inconvenient his visits to the local petting zoo is for other families, when the facility banned people from taking photographs of other people during their visits.

The animal farm is 77 acres of Berkshire countryside, where children and their parents can see deer, take tractor rides, walk on trails, and pet animals.

One family got a dose of how tight security is whenever the 15-month old prince visits the farm. Their BMW got a flat tire and they had to pull over on their way to Bucklebury Farm. Heavily armed security officers checked them over thoroughly, fearing they were terrorists wanting to target the royals. When they learned what the family was doing, they backed off and let them go on their way. The family later spotted Kate, her mother, Carole Middleton, and Prince George at the petting zoo.

This is upsetting a lot of parents because they aren’t able to capture special moments their own children are having on a day out at the farm. Managers at Bucklebury Farm don’t want the slightest chance of Prince George any other family members being seen in the images.

The Sun’s Emily Andrews calls the farm’s decision to an “overreaction.”

“Every photo we take there, even of our own children, could unwittingly capture other people and their kids,’ said the local.

“I took my daughter there the other day and saw Kate’s mother with George and his nanny. I thought about taking a photo and decided not to.

“But protection officers still came over to us and challenged us. They were quite difficult about it.”

While stricter protection measures are taken for William and Kate’s son, it can have its downside. It definitely hampers the experience for other kids and parents whenever Prince George is at Bucklebury Farm.

[Image via The Mirror U.K.]