Christmas Lights Increase Joy, Light Up Our World!

It’s the happiest time of the year in many circles around the globe and people from all walks of life are moved by the festive and enchanting sparkle of Christmas lights. Some of the Christmas lighting frenzy is on such a grand scale that if people were sitting on the moon they would see the earth lit up like a Christmas tree.

The biggest Christmas light shows are getting ready to flip the switch any minute now as Thanksgiving approaches and families and friends make plans to spend a happy holiday season together.

The 2014 Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at The White House in Washington, D.C., has a lottery system for visitors to share in the extravaganza, which will take place on Thursday, December 4. The lottery is closed but there’s still a front-row seat at home via TV broadcasts that will air on stations nationwide that share the experience with its viewers. Barring that, the Christmas light show will be on demand at

The Tennessean reports that Nashville sets the pace with its own spectacular 31st annual “A Country Christmas,” and will be blazing with 2 million Christmas lights at Gaylord Opryland Resort November 13-January 3. Country sensation Restless Heart will help bring on the merry making.

USA Today reveals 10 great places for families to be wowed by Christmas lights shows across America. The ‘Battle of the Bulbs’ has the competition stirring across the United States, sometimes for big cash and other times just for fun. Either way, setting up an elaborate display of shimmering lights with spectacular themes is a very costly, time-consuming affair. Cities to hit include Austin, Richmond and Denver.

ABC carries a new show that takes the cake in the all-out war to have the best Christmas Light show, ever. Last year was Season 1 of The Great Christmas Light Flight, which featured 20 ‘average families’ across the states battling it out to win a grand prize of $50,000.

After watching this program it is easy to see there is nothing ‘average’ about these people at all. The families (usually the man of the house!) are fanatics willing to sell their children into slavery to get another string of lights. Mild exaggeration, but you catch the drift. Half the year is spent in getting everything rigged up, and the other half spent shopping and making repairs for the next assault on Christmas lights. This is a lifelong hobby, hubby.

Business Insider tells us that Americans are happily and joyfully spending in excess of $6 billion on decorations to deck the halls with Christmas lights and trinkets to set a festive mood for the holidays.

The Inquisitr helps us figure out ways to repair blown Christmas lights and save money. Whatever flips your switch — enjoy the spirit of the season.

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