Unassuming Swedish Home Is Actually A Predator House, And It’s For Sale

Predator House

A Predator House is not something that anyone ever expects to come across, but it’s actually a legit and real thing in Sweden, and it is for sale. Yes, the home that takes your most terrifying dreams and turns them into real-life nightmares is on the market, and it can all be yours for a price that isn’t nearly as bad as you may expect.

The Bro Bible states that the Predator House is for sale in Kalmar, Sweden, and as you can tell, it looks quite normal and impressive from the outside.

On the outside looking in, it’s a house that is rather simple but very beautiful. It has a great roof and some nice siding that looks as if it would be sturdy to sustain high winds and a raging storm. The awnings over the windows give a nice bit of color to offset the massive amounts of gray, but there are some quaint statues out front too.

Classy, right?

All seems great, but the price-tag of 2,375,000 Krona or about $320,000 seems a bit steep. That is, until you step inside, and as Sunny Skyz stated, it’s a great looking house with a nice sized kitchen, but there’s so much more.

Taking a look around, you see some normal fixtures and rooms, but there are subtle hints that show this isn’t a typical dwelling. A closer look lets it be known that the Predator House is a real thing.

Yes, Predator as in the 1987 cult-classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There have been shrines to Star Wars, Star Trek, and so many other fan-favorites over the years, but this one may take the absolute cake.

The Predator House has anything and everything you could possibly want in a home that is dedicated to a movie about a freakishly strong and oddly-laughing alien. Everyone has wanted that at one point or another, right?

There are Predator masks on the walls as if the guy killed them himself and is displaying them proudly.

A Xenomorph is bursting through the wall. The office has a disco ball on the ceiling. The living room of the Predator House even has tributes to “Alien” here and there.

If you’ve got an extra $320,000 laying around and have any desire at all to move to Sweden, then you need to get in on this one. The home has two bedrooms and would be an awesome place to live for anyone that ever dreamed playing a movie role everyday of your life.

GET TO THE CHOPPA… or at least to Sweden to get in on the sale of the Predator House before it’s gone.

[Image via IMGUR]