Dr. Oz Asked His Twitter Followers To Ask Him Anything; The Results Are Exactly What You’d Expect

Sometimes, the line between “respected authority” and “national laughingstock” can be a thin one indeed; just ask Jenny McCarthy or Joel Osteen. On Tuesday, “America’s Doctor” Dr. Mehmet Oz (or Dr. Oz, as he likes to be called) found out the hard way just how much he straddles that line, as his request for his Twitter followers to ask their biggest questions for him backfired in a hilarious way.

As Vox reports, the hasthag #OzsInbox “turned into channel for rage and shame,” as Dr. Oz’s critics took the opportunity to take the doctor to task for his frauds, scams, and psuedoscience.

Almost immediately, the snark began to clog up Dr. Oz’s Twitter feed.

For what it’s worth, Dr. Oz is not known to be a proponent of the anti-vaccination movement, and on his blog he’s confirmed his belief that vaccines do not cause autism. But Dr. Oz is known for peddling “miracle cures” on his show; so much so that he’s been called before the U.S. Senate to answer questions about his claims.

.@DrOz what’s your favorite snake oil? How do you sleep at night? #OzsInbox — Chow Babe (@Chow_Babe) November 11, 2014

Other Twitter users pointed out the fact that taking medical advice from a guy on TV isn’t really a good move.

And then there was the Twitter user who trolled Dr. Oz with snark for snark’s sake.

Although Dr. Oz promised to answer his favorite questions posted to him via Twitter (in case he got any genuine questions instead of trolling), as of this post there do not appear to be any answers to legitimate questions on his website.

[Image courtesy of: Death and Taxes]