Tori Spelling Topless Photo Accidentally Tweeted by Husband

How does someone accidentally post a nude picture on Twitter? Well, for Tori Spelling, all she had to do was relax naked on her bed. Her husband, Dean McDermott, took care of the rest.

McDermott meant to post a picture of his son Liam on Twitter. Liam is the subject of the picture, but if you look closely, you can see Tori Spelling’s boobs in the background.

McDermott was celebrating his 45th birthday when he took a few goofy pictures of his son. And as an added birthday bonus, he tweeted a picture of his wife’s breasts to his 74,400 followers.

Here’s the censored photo.

tori spelling's boobs

Why was Tori Spelling lounging around naked in front of her kid? How could McDermott not notice what was in the background?

E! reports that the topless photo has been removed from Twitter.

Before the world got to see her naked today, Tori posted a “Love Letter to Dean” on his website.

Tori wrote:

“You’ve helped me achieve my dreams… I reach further knowing if I fall you’ll be there to catch me.”

Do you think she still feels the same way?