Carol Ann Susi Mourned By Cast Mates And Friends

Death Of Carol Ann Susi

While we didn’t often get to see her face, Carol Ann Susi’s voice was unmistakable. As Howard’s mother on the hit television show The Big Bang Theory, she left a mark with her heavy New York accent which came out best when calling, “Howard!” The Brooklyn born actress died Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 62. She had lost her short battle with an aggressive cancer.

While Carol Ann is probably best known for her role in The Big Bang Theory, her career in show business spans much further back. She made appearances on such popular television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, That 70’s Show, The King of Queens, and even appeared on Blossom with her future costar Mayim Bialik. She also appeared on Seinfeld playing Carrie, George Costanza’s unemployment caseworker’s daughter, who he only goes out with in hopes of getting an extension in his unemployment benefits. Even if you’ve never seen the clip, all you need to do is listen to a clip to recognize Carol Ann and that distinctive voice.

She then spent the past eight seasons playing the overbearing, loud, and lovable Mrs. Wolowitz. We never once saw her face, but with a voice like Carol Ann’s, we didn’t need to. Her presence was still felt. While her costars jokingly impersonated her distinctive “Howard!”, it could never quite be duplicated — she was one of a kind. Her loss has been felt immensely by her costars and all those who she worked with.

CBS, along with Warner Bros and the executive producers of the show released a statement on Tuesday stating that although Carol Ann’s face was never shown, “[w]hat was not a mystery, however, was Carol Ann’s immense talent and comedic timing.” They went on to add that she was so much more than a voice, and that she “was a constant source of joy and kindness to all.”

Her castmates were quick to agree with the producer’s statements. It was easy to see that they were deeply affected by her passing. Mayim Bialik, who plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, tweeted Tuesday about the passing, referring to her castmate as “beloved” and sharing that it had been a “rough day.”

Also, Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj, commented that his “heart is broken” and that he would miss her smile.

Even Will Wheaton, who has had a recurring role on the hit show, commented on the “heartbreaking” news and how she would be missed.

In a statement on CNN, her publicist referred to Carol Ann as “a force of nature” with “fervent circles of followers.”

With such kind and heartfelt words from so many who worked with her, it’s easy to see that while we rarely saw her, Carol Ann Susi made a definite impact on all around her.

[Photo Courtesy of AOL]