Meghan Trainor Doesn’t Like Bearded Guys, Sorry

Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass” singer, is all for body positive messages. Her hit song didn’t just climb the steep charts this month, it also inspired millions of fans around to world to appreciate their selves and not give a damn. And, no, the message isn’t just for chubby girls, contrary to popular belief. Trainor has all the love in the world for skinny gals as well. The 20-year-old singer, who has been accused of “shaming” thin women, says criticism has been rife since her song came out, but clarified that she loves all women regardless of their differing shapes and sizes.

Much of the attention towards Trainor has been focused on her singing, but Cosmopolitan was kind enough to divert the topic to other pressing matters. The women’s mag sat down with Meghan to discuss her likes and dislikes, revealing a colorful personality beyond the popular song.

In a clever game called “Bass” or “Treble,” Cosmo’s Amy Odell named a few popular items to Meghan Trainor, who was asked to respond if she thought they were “bass,” or if she’s “all about it,” and “treble” if she’s not “all about it.” Yep, just like the song.

So, apparently, Meghan doesn’t like pumpkin spice lattes, saying she hasn’t tasted them before (gasp!), though she’s all about American Horror Story (who isn’t?). However, the most surprising part of the game was when Meghan Trainor responded “treble” to the item “facial hair on guys.” Sorry bearded dudes. The singer ain’t a fan of the manly ‘stache.

We thought you loved everyone, Meghan! Kidding aside, we totally respect Trainor’s preference for shaven lads. But seriously, Meghan — this is what you’re missing.


Unsurprisingly, Meghan Trainor responded “bass” to recent internet sensation and notably clean-faced Alex from Target. Well, we don’t blame Meghan. Alex really is a fine-looking lad.


She also expressed her admiration for thigh gaps, particularly praising Ariana Grande‘s flawless legs. Cosmo says this contradicts her body positive message, but hey, if you got beauty, beauty just raise ’em up, yo!

In other news, Trainor is scheduled to begin her first tour on February 11 next year. It’s a North American one though, so European and Asian fans will be missing a lot, but we hope Meghan Trainor considers a visit to the east in the coming months.

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