Kim Kardashian Praised As Social Media Maven, From Ample Assets To $43 Million Game [Video]

When it comes to social media, Kim Kardashian has redefined the meaning of a media blitz. Whether she’s marketing her own derriere, which Time magazine compared to a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut, or super-sizing the publicity for her fashion, Kim knows how to garner the attention of the world with her carefully calculated campaigns.

And although she didn’t break the internet, Kardashian and her team did succeed in taking a few simple photos of her ample assets and turning them into an uber-elegant public relations ploy, pointed out Quartz.

How did they do that? Credit Kim for taking those Playboy-worthy photos and posting them on Instagram rather than relying on Paper magazine to do the public relations work for her.

In its feature story on Kim Kardashian, Paper magazine offered up the stats.

“At press time, she has 25 million Twitter followers, about a million less than Oprah Winfrey and nearly 5 million more than CNN Breaking News. Her Instagram account, where she is a prolific purveyor of selfies, is the site’s third most popular.”

But although the world is currently commenting on her derriere, Kim is quietly raking in the big bucks not for her butt, but for her mobile game. Called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, it’s earned $43 million in just three months, revealed Us Weekly.

Get an inside view of the game below.

The happy company that produced the game reported that it got them more income than all their other apps combined. As a result, they now predict the game’s worth will climb to $200 million before 2015.

How do you play? It’s just like a mini-you version of the Kardashian family. First, you craft your own fame. Then seek to climb your way up the social ladder to the A-list. And to expedite that rise to the top, you can even buy goodies such as a Malibu home for a mere $10 cash. Sorry, but it all takes place in a virtual world.

To those who expressed concern that pretending to become Kim Kardashian could become addictive or that children and young teens might spend too much on the game, the reality TV star defended herself.

“You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set. I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to. It’s just a fun little game. It’s kind of like when people get into ‘Candy Crush’ so much… it’s just something fun to do.”

Is there anything at which Kim can’t succeed? To those who ask the question, Kardashian has answered by repeatedly using Twitter to wail about her weight loss wars, as the Inquisitr reported.

“A couple of years ago the scales said I was 20 lbs. thinner than I am now, but after you have a baby your body changes. But it’s been over a year so I have no more excuses. If I could lose like 10lb, that would be ideal.”

Kardashian is using the high-fat, low-carb Atkins diet, but admitted that she’s cheated a few times.

“I feel like I’m gaining it back,” confessed Kim about the weight that she had lost with a low-carb diet. “It’s hard.”

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]