Kendall Jenner Reportedly At Least 30 Pounds Underweight, Claims Celebrity Nutritionist

Kendall Jenner faces the same trials and tribulations in her budding modeling career that all models face. despite the fact she comes from a well-known celebrity family.

While it’s no surprise that, these days, successful models need to be at least a size zero in order to to make it, some models end up losing too much weight and become dangerously underweight.

According to celebrity nutritionist Natasha Kufa, 19-year-old Kendall has gone too far with her weight loss and is around 30 to 40 pounds under what she should be for her height and build, as Kufa told Radar Online, “Kendall has a small frame and appears to weigh well below the healthy range of 132-142 lbs for 5’10. I would guess her current weight is 100 pounds.”

A source allegedly close to the Kardashian family also revealed to the publication that Kendall Jenner’s weight loss is as a result of strenuous efforts on her part to diet and exercise hard, despite the derogatory effects it is having on her health.

“Kendall is doing whatever she can to make sure she stays in the modeling industry. But she also takes supplements to make sure that she is exactly where they want her to be,” revealed the source.

Accordingly, Kendall is reportedly using the “Teatox” diet to maintain her ongoing and rapid weight loss, following the lead of her younger sister Kylie to shed the pounds.

Back in September of this year, Kendall told E! News, “I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea.”

As per the companies’ instructions, one cup per day is the recommended dosage.

Nevertheless, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star reportedly admitted that she slurps a bladder-bursting 12 cups per day! And that is sure to guarantee weight loss.

Obviously, with Kendall’s weight being what it is, rumors have been sparked that the starlet is suffering from an eating disorder, an allegation her family vehemently deny.