Part Of Woman’s Brain Removed Because She Had Seizures Every Time She Heard A Ne-Yo Song

All of us have heard a few songs that drive us up the wall and make us feel like screaming. But, apart from tuning our attention to something else or asking the person listening to the song to turn it down, we seldom do anything about it. However, a woman recently had a large portion of her brain surgically removed because she had seizures whenever a song sung by R&B singer Ne-Yo played within her hearing range.

Zoe Fennessy, 26, has always had an epileptic seizure when she heard the R&B singer’s voice. However, not until Ne-Yo released his first big hit — “Give Me Everything” featuring Pitbull — that Zoe suffered her first seizure, reported Fact Mag. Until then, she was clueless as to why she suffered such horrific spasmodic episodes and what was it that triggered them, shared the woman.

“It took me a while to realize that they were being triggered by his songs, and I think it wasn’t until I had heard it for about the 15th time that it finally twigged what was going on.”

Relieved to have finally zeroed-in on the cause of her seizures, she approached her consultant saying, “The song was really popular and I went to my consultant and I said ‘I know this sounds extremely bizarre, but every time I hear this song I have a seizure.'”

She added, “He said it was fascinating and that he had never heard anything like it, and I said that while it might be fascinating, I was really struggling – the song was everywhere at the time.”

Zoe was recently diagnosed with “musicogenic seizures.” Although quite rare, these seizures for Zoe were triggered by the tone of Ne-Yo’s voice. Surprisingly, the only way to address the problem was to remove the portion of her brain, where these seizures were suspected to originate, advised her doctors. Hence in the month of June this year, Zoe underwent a six-hour long procedure to remove a large portion of her left temporal lobe, reported the Mirror.

Though her condition has stabilized to a great extent, she still feels a fit coming on every time she hears Ne-Yo’s voice.

“If he ever releases a greatest hits album it’s going to be a nightmare. Whenever I hear the first few beats of the song I have to drop whatever I am doing and run.”

Zoe has been recommended to wear noise-canceling headphones to ensure she doesn’t accidentally hear Ne-Yo again.

[Image Credit | SWNS]