These Amazingly Simple Camera Tricks Will Make Smartphone Photography Fun And Productive

A group that calls itself Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), has come up with amazingly simple-to-employ tricks that will greatly extend the usability and fun quotient of your smartphone’s camera.

Smartphone cameras have become ubiquitous. Each smartphone worth its salt claims to have the “best in its class” back-camera and a front one that is “just perfect” for selfies or face-time. However, besides a few random clicks and selfies, our smartphone cameras aren’t put to too much use.

There are a truck-load of videos on YouTube and other social media portals that teach you about photography and help you take better pictures, but this group doesn’t try to educate you on the finer aspects of photography. Instead, it takes the subject of photography and twist the methodologies to get interesting results. The video they have released helps us truly think out-of-the-box without procuring any attachments like such as fisheye lens or tripods, reported Lipstiq.

The Multiple-You trick: This trick involves the smartphone owner to switch to “Panorama” mode in the camera application. For those who have been living under a rock, a panorama mode allows us to take really wide shots which is essentially a simple image that is “stitched” from multiple images that the camera takes while it is being moved from left to right.

Called PanoDash, This Trick Allows You To Replicate Yourself Multiple Times

The simple trick is to keep the “subject” moving at various locations while the camera is being panned. This way, a single wide-shot captures you in multiple locations and creates an interesting illusion of multiplicity.

The Panorama Drive-By: This essentially involves the camera to be held still, albeit rotated by 180 degrees and driving in a vehicle, while shooting. This technique offers some very interesting results too.

Instead Of Panning The Camera, Start Shooting From A Moving Vehicle

The Binoculars Zoom Trick: To really extend the zoom on your smartphone’s camera, simply use a pair of binoculars, or rather just one of the eye-ports. You can even use a monocular, but they are a little hard to come-by. Using the zooming ability of binoculars will get a great shot without introducing any artifacts or “grains” that ruin an otherwise great shot.

Use A Single Side Of Binoculars To Get Great Optical Zoom

The Cheap Macro-Lens: While there are multiple lens accessories that allow your smartphone’s camera to take “macro” shots, they all work just as well as – a drop of clear aqua. Just drop a tiny droplet of sparkling clean water on the lens and you get a macro-lens that is free. The group claims the effect is just as great as using a paid accessory.

A Single Drop Of Water Acts As A Great Macro Lens

Take Underwater Shots Without Risk Of Ruining Your Smartphone: The group has an interesting and risk-free solution to take great underwater images using a simple glass tumbler.

A Glass Tumbler Will Protect Your Smartphone When You Take Underwater Shots

There are few more simple tricks like using a cheap solar reflector to enhance your self-portraits and using the handsfree headphones with mic to take great selfies or group selfies, without the annoying partial extended arm ruining them. Watch the video and shoot interesting photos.

[Image Credit | Footbridge Media]