WWE News: Update On Wrestling Legend Sting, Will He Wrestle At WrestleMania 31?

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The world has been waiting for one man to appear on WWE programming, and it has not happened just yet. For over 50 years, WWE has employed every major name in the pro-wrestling business at least once. However, one man has eluded the company and became a legend without any WWE ties. His name is Sting. The Icon managed to work for NWA and WCW to become a huge figure in the wrestling world. He then went to TNA Wrestling, where he appeared up until last year.

WWE managed to bring him in, and potentially set him up to be in the WWE Hall of Fame as well as have one match before calling it quits. Sting can still wrestle at a high level, and many feel that he is more than overdue for a WWE appearance. WWE signed Sting to a merchandise deal and rumors are claiming he signed a Legends contract too. However, neither are official big talent contracts, which means that Sting would most likely be allowed to work bookings outside of WWE if he chose to.

Sting is part of the new WWE 2K15 video game, and is the big download or pre-order option this year. He appeared under the WWE banner for WWE Network and WWE 2K15 material, but past this, he has not done much with the company. However, he does have merchandise for sale, which means WWE is obviously planning on having him appear at some point, and we could be seeing that soon.

The Wrestling Observer claims that after Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, WWE is taking a lot of precautions with talent over the age of 45. Sting and Hulk Hogan both want to have a match at WrestleMania 31, which means both guys will have to pass WWE’s Medical testing. If they cannot, neither can wrestle at the event. Appearing, however, is another case entirely. Hogan is pushing for a match with just about anyone at this point, but Sting has not really been too vocal. He wants The Undertaker, but he claimed he would work with anyone WWE sees fit.

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The move to make sure older talent gets cleared medically is smart. Many think that if Lawler would have been warned earlier, he would not have gone through his heart attack. However, you never know these days. Sting is in amazing physical shape, but he could have inner problems similar to Lawler that he does not know about. That means he simply cannot work until cleared.

It is confirmed we will see Sting around WrestleMania time in 2015. The only problem is that how much we will see of him is up in the air. Many think that he’d be a great GM or some other random on-air talent, which would allow him to work only TV. He could also work a schedule similar to Triple H and wrestle sparingly throughout the year. What WWE will do with him is uncertain, but if he is cleared medically, we WILL see a Sting match at WrestleMania 31. The opponent is uncertain as of now. If it is The Undertaker, we won’t see Sting most likely until late January or February of 2015 at the earliest. That would be around the time Taker would return.

Many think that the back-up plan would most likely be Bray Wyatt, which seems to be a good concept as of now. WWE is trying to build up Wyatt heavily. Building him now could pay-off for him, as it would allow him to be a big enough name at the time to wrestle Sting. Most of the WWE talent wants to wrestle Sting this point. The dream match might be Undertaker/Sting, but if that cannot happen, Wyatt/Sting would be a good alternative.

What WWE does is up in the air right now. However, we can be certain plans are in place and we will soon see The Icon on WWE programming. What role he will have, and how long we will see him is currently unknown. We will obviously inform you of more as we know it.

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