Gay Breeding Bull Faces Slaughterhouse For Failure To Impregnate Cows – No Rights For Him?

A prized bull procured specially for impregnation of cows on the ranch could soon be sent to the slaughterhouse for failing to “perform.” His inability to perform has now being blamed on his sexual orientation, and the farmer has expressed his exasperation and doomed the poor creature with a death sentence.

The bull, groomed for the explicit purpose of breeding, failed to impregnate any of the fertile cows on a ranch in Ireland. Apparently, Benjy — as the bull is called — showed more of a liking for the other bulls at the farm in County Mayo, Ireland, where he was purchased to inseminate the heifers. The pedigree Charolais beast was expected to take his pick of the female cows. However, routine checks found none of them were pregnant, and that piqued farmer’s suspicion.

The farmer, who doesn’t wish to be named for obvious reasons, at first thought Benjy had performance anxiety, reported Irish Central. He suspected the pedigree bull couldn’t perform in front of crowd. Though strange, it is quite understandable to develop apprehensions that hinder sexual functions even in case of animals.

Not suspecting anything out of the ordinary, the farmer even went ahead and replaced a bunch of cows, thinking that Benjy may not have “liked” them, but the outcome remained the same. Benjy didn’t impregnate even the newly introduced cows.

Lamenting about his “loss,” the farmer said, “The bull is now too old to castrate and turn into a bullock so I will keep him for the factory.”

The farmer’s suspicions about Benjy were partially confirmed when he replaced the bull with another one, and within a fortnight, found quite a few of his cows pregnant with calves. Still not believing that a bull could have alternate preferences about his sexual partners, the farmer sought advice from bull experts and discovered that, though rare, such things can happen, reported Toronto Sun.

Though healthy, Benjy’s fate appears to have been sealed. He will sooner or later be sent to the slaughterhouse since animals which are procured for a singular reason – in this case, procreation – are deemed utterly useless and a liability to the farmers if they fail to perform those duties. These animals are considered not just a temporary loss, but a mounting one as well, since they merely consume farm resources without doing the job they were meant to do.

Fortunately in the human world, such atrocities will be considered illegal. But for Benjy, his sexual orientation has doomed him to death. Doesn’t he get the same rights as other homosexual creatures?

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