November 28, 2016
Akiane Kramarik: Famous Painting Prodigy Releases First Tutorial Video

One of the most famous painters in the world today is Akiane Kramarik. For some people, they may not know who she is despite being a painting prodigy. However, most have come to know her painting of Jesus Christ titled Prince of Peace thanks to the novel and movie, Heaven is for Real. Since then, Akiane has created numerous other paintings that are reminiscent of artistic masters.

Now Akiane Kramarik has released something she has never released before to the delight of her fans, especially those who seek to be artistic themselves. Just recently, Akiane uploaded a tutorial/demo video. That is right! The artist who has graced the world with paintings such as Father Forgive Them and Infinite Perspective has released a demo to assist others on their artistic paths.

Akiane Kramarik
"Prince of Peace" is probably the most recognized and popular painting by Akiane Kramarik. She did this painting when she was only eight.

The video was uploaded to Akiane Kramarik's official YouTube page on November 11, 2014, so it is fairly new. In it, Akiane describes important lessons that every artist has to learn. However, these are not lessons taught in a classroom or studied through videos. These lessons are about discovering oneself when it comes to art. Akiane verifies this as the opener for the video.

"An artist needs to find their own unique style. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Through my own trial and error, I found my own style, my own way of using my brush, my pencil."

For some people who've taken art classes before, such a speech sound familiar. What makes Akiane Kramarik unique when she talks about her own trial and errors, methods of painting, and such is the fact she's a painting prodigy who has sold paintings at the price of thousands of dollars. Also, when I write that she is a painting prodigy, I am explaining her in the present. If I were writing about what her in the past tense, I would describe her as a "child prodigy." All one has to do is check out Akiane's official website, which showcases her self-taught art starting at the age of four up until the present. For example, Prince of Peace was painted when Akiane was just 8-years-old.

It should be noted that the first video is a tutorial on drawing an eye. It is also true that most art classes usually teach their students how to draw eyes as an intro into the world of art. And, yes, any artist can teach anyone to draw or paint, but there is just something unique learning it from a modern-day painting prodigy.

What are you views about Akiane Kramarik's art? Are you interested in learning how to do art through her?

[Images via Akiane Kramarik Official Facebook Page]