WWE 'Total Divas' Fake? Jim Ross Claims Natalya And Tyson Kidd Never Had Marriage Problems

Is WWE Total Divas fake? The reality TV show supposedly gives us an inside look at the real lives of the WWE wrestlers and some of the WWE Divas. But legendary announcer Jim Ross confirms that much of the presentation, including the supposed marriage problems between Natalya and Tyson Kidd, are totally fictional.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, rumors suggest that Jim Ross may return to pro wrestling in the near future.

Over on J.R.'s Place, Ross called WWE Total Divas fake in a recent question and answer session he had with one fan, who asked him this question.

"Shawn Lealos of the Oklahoma City Pro Wrestling Examiner has written that, not unlike the happenings on other 'Reality TV' shows, the marital problems between Tyson and Nattie on Total Divas were fictitious. Apparently the continuation of their issues on Raw and Smackdown confirms that. I can't believe the whole thing was a work! You must have known though, right?"
Jim was quite blunt in his response to this fan from Rhode Island, saying, "Yes I did. You know that the presentation is fictional, right?" The mix between reality and the usual WWE story line from WWE Creative apparently gets a little muddled along the way. The Total Divas producers apparently asked Nikki Bella and Brie Bella to feud in the ring so they could add some tension to the reality TV show.

At the same time, real issues like Daniel Bryan's real injury will come up occasionally, although the episodes where it was claimed he was ignoring traditional medicine in hopes that alternative medicine would save the day are probably scripted. But then Total Divas starts looking totally fake again when episodes feature Daniel and Brie knocking heads over a $400 dinner when they're both millionaires in their own right. Regardless, Brie has claimed in the past that WWE fans are seeing the real deal.

"We're not scripted," Brie said. "You totally come into our lives. We're an open book. Whatever happens, the cameras are on and we just let go. Raw and SmackDown are scripted shows and we're characters. I think that's one thing that's going to be really cool. You know our characters from Raw, but you'll get to see who are in real life on Total Divas."

But Jim Ross is not alone in calling out the show. Richard Gray of Wrestling New World calls Total Divas fake, saying every major detail is scripted.

"Total Divas is completely scripted. Yes, there are real-life aspects (such as the partner relationships) but everything else is made for TV. I'm sure there are some 'slip-ups' and legitimate moments that find there way onto final versions, however, it's just like any other reality series. The purpose of Total Divas is to expand the company's demographics by bolstering the female audience."
Do you think it matters whether or not WWE Total Divas is fake or not?