A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is Found Shot And Stabbed

A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is found Shot And Stabbed

Sadly, animal cruelty is no closer to being banished from the earth, and the pit bull breed is all too familiar with the despicable act. They are no stranger to sexual assault, being viciously slashed and beaten with a shovel, and even shot with an arrow. The Inquisitr reported on Sarge the pit bull and his saga.

Thankfully, in Sarge’s case, he healed, was adopted, and his alleged attacker is on trial. However, Sarge the pit bull is not the only pit that has been shot in recent months.

According to Stevens Point Journal, a 1-month-old pit bull puppy was found earlier this year hiding under its owner’s bed on the second floor. The police say the pit bull pup had a one-inch long stab wound to its stomach and a pellet gun wound on its ear lobe. The pit bull’s owner had the cops called on her, when the family became concerned.

When officers found the 21-year-old woman, she appeared to have attempted suicide, and attempted the murder of her pit bull puppy. Ollie, the current name of the pit bull puppy, was rushed to the local humane society for treatment. According to the Examiner, the owner was charged with “intentionally mistreating an animal” for the incident, but on Tuesday, it was declared that she could not be held accountable for “reason of mental defect.”

Upon her arrest she told officers that she had killed her pit bull. The Portage County Circuit judge ordered a mental evaluation, and a decision is to be made on her mental status by December 16.

Despite everything Ollie has gone through, the pit bull’s recovery has gone well and without any incident from the abused pit. Adoptions Coordinator Amanda Tucker says that this is not unusual, and that most abused animals are rarely aggressive when rescued.

“Animals are really forgiving. We find animals who have been abused, even animals who fought, can be rehabilitated. They don’t hold grudges or hate people.”

There is not much information about Ollie’s new owner, but Ms. Tucker has a lot of encouraging things to say about them.

“Ollie’s new owner knows a lot about animal behavior and was a perfect fit to take care of Ollie, Tucker said. Ollie seems happy with his new owner. He’s such a sweet dog.”

Though no further information is available, Ollie the pit bull is safe and sound, and hopefully the pit bull’s former owner will face justice. Whatever that is decided to be.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]