Lissa Rankin: How To Stay Healthy Even If You Eat Junk, Smoke, Skip Excersice, Or Booze It Up! [Video]

Good health is one of the most sought out conditions people desire, especially here in the United States. To put it bluntly, people are trying to heal themselves from the epidemic of obesity. The condition alone is responsible for the most deaths annually, which is more than Ebola, HIV, food poisoning, prescription drug overdose, or any other means. This is such a huge problem that the Inquisitr reported numerous times whenever obesity was a subject in news, especially what causes it. For example, one doctor believes it is consumption of refined carbs causing obesity. Another example is by a health guru who thinks it is the idolization of obese figures like Homer Simpson. No matter what people may think is causing obesity, it is the number one hindrance preventing Americans from being truly healthy.

Speaking of poor health and obesity, most people know that if one were to eat junk, smoke, skip exercising, and/or drink alcohol, poor health and obesity may result. However, one doctor argues those factors are important but are not the most important points in good health. As a matter of fact, the factors that are not mentioned are the most important in being healthy. So what factors are missing? They are community and stress management.

Lissa Rankin is the medical doctor who figured this out. According to her article in Wake Up World, she reports that very few health doctors are talking about the other critical factors that contribute to health and longevity. Once again, Rankin agrees with what doctors say about exercise, diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption. She too is a green-juicing, exercising, non-smoking, health food junkie! Rankin just believes the following two factors are more important and lack representation.

The first of the two factors not being discussed by doctors is community or the love of community. Lissa Rankin reinforces said factor simply by telling the following story.

“Once upon a time, a tribe of Italian immigrants crossed the Atlantic and settled in Roseto, Pennsylvania, where they didn’t exactly live the most ‘healthy’ lifestyle. They ate meatballs fried in lard, smoked like chimneys, boozed it up every night, and pigged out on pasta and pizza. Yet, shockingly, they had half the rate of heart disease and much lower rates of many other illnesses than the national average. It wasn’t the water they drank, the hospital they went to, or their DNA. And clearly, it wasn’t their stellar diet. So what was it that made the people of Roseto so resistant to heart disease?”

Researchers studied why these people were living such long lives and found that the tight-knit community. living in multi-generational homes, enjoying communal dinners, and frequenting festivities provided solace from the feeling of loneliness. It is through the feeling of loneliness that cortisol levels rise which activates the sympathetic nervous system, raising heart rate, elevating blood pressure, incapacitating the immune system, and increasing the risk of heart disease.

Because the people of Roseto never felt alone, they rarely died of heart disease. Instead, most of them died of old age even though they smoked, drank, and ate poorly. As it turns out, alleviation of loneliness is preventative medicine and the scientific data suggest that loneliness is a stronger risk factor than the risk factors conventional doctors constantly talk about.

The second of two factors not being discussed by doctors is stress or stress management. In a seminar Lissa Rankin did for TEDx Talks, she explains stress as if it’s an emotional formula on its own! There are two forms of stress being positive stress (eustress) and negative stress (distress). Nevertheless, both are still stress and they do effect the body. Depression and anxiety also need to be incorporated into stress followed by personality (optimism or pessimism). Finally, engagements of stress-reducing activities, such as creative expression, sex, meditation, prayer, and meditation, complete the emotional formula!

If you didn’t get everything that was written in the above paragraph, a video of Lissa Rankin’s seminar on stress and stress management has been attached below for your viewing.

What do you think about Lissa Rankin’s views on health? Do you think that both community and stress are far more important factors in health than the ones that doctors always push?