Colorado Man Trapped In Wall For 3 Days

A Colorado man was found trapped 2 to 3 days inside a wall of a department store. After he was rescued Tuesday at a Marshall’s department store near Denver, he could face trespassing charges.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a baby is lucky to be alive after being trapped for days under her dead father’s body. The baby was able to survive underneath the decomposing body for several days before the 5-year-old brother went to seek help from a neighbor.

For the man stuck in the wall of the Denver Marshall’s, he is lucky that he wasn’t left there. According to the reports, Marshalls employees told police that they had heard a man yelling Monday morning, but didn’t know where he was. On Tuesday, after another day listening to a voice randomly calling out for help, they figured out that the man was yelling through a hole in the store’s back wall. They, of course, wanted to make sure the person in trouble was inside the store before calling the police.

The fire rescue crew also heard the man and were able to find him after only a half-hour of searching. The rescue crew broke through an exterior wall and found Paul Felyk, 35, of Westminster, squished in a crawl space between the exterior wall and an interior wall. There was enough room for Felyk to lie down but not enough for him to maneuver to the access space from the roof from which he’s believed to have fallen.

Man trapped in store wall, Paul Felyk, crawls out of the hole made by his rescuers.
Man trapped in store wall, Paul Felyk, crawls out of the hole made by his rescuers.

Felyk, whom authorities described as a transient, was in pain and extremely cold being it was only 15 degrees on Tuesday. He has not confessed to investigators why he was in the crawl space. The Times-Call reported that he has prior convictions for robbery, trespassing, assault, driving while ability impaired, theft and criminal mischief. After his cold cramped affair in the wall, he is getting some cozy treatment at Longmont United Hospital for unspecified injuries and could face charges of criminal trespass, but will probably be leaving with the police of Longmont, Colorado.