Amanda Bynes: ‘I Never Said I was Engaged To Caleb Pusey’

If Amanda Bynes is engaged, it isn't to Caleb Pusey.

Is Amanda Bynes engaged, and if so, to whom? The former starlet spoke out Wednesday evening to dispute stories that she’s engaged to Caleb Pusey.

Bynes has been a center of attention lately, with her recent hospitalization and allegations of sexual abuse against her father. It seems every time the former Nickelodeon star returns to social media, she provides more controversy. In this case, though, is seems Bynes is trying to settle misunderstandings.

When Amanda Bynes tweeted that she was engaged (in the midst of a series of rants that included allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation), many media outlets reported that her husband to be was Caleb Pusey, a friend she met in rehab.

However, in early October, TMZ spoke to Pusey, who denied any such relationship. He said the pair were only friends.

However, on Twitter Wednesday evening, Bynes denied that there was even a friendship, saying that Pusey isn’t a good person, and maintained that she had never named him as her intended.

Before Amanda announced her impending marriage on Twitter on October 10, Hollywood Life had already reported on the 4th that Bynes had been seen wearing an engagement ring.

Bynes has not stated whether her wedding plans are still on but the combination of her use of past tense “when I said I was engaged” rather than “when I said I am engaged” may be a small hint. Her parents’ conservatorship can’t exactly be conducive to a positive relationship either.

Then there’s the matter of all of Bynes’ recent trouble. She’s reported to be homeless, she says she’s falling asleep in public, and trying to get her parents to give her access to enough money to find a place to stay.

If Amanda Bynes is engaged, why isn’t her fiancé stepping forward to help her with all of this?

[Photo: Twitter]