Blake Griffin Charged With Battery, Could Possibly Face Jail Time

Jonathan Franks

NBA star Blake Griffin has officially been charged with allegedly slapping a man inside of a nightclub in Las Vegas last month.

TMZ Sports reported on Wednesday that the Clark Count District Attorney has charged Blake Griffin with a single count of misdemeanor battery. If he is convicted, the 25-year-old Los Angeles Clippers power forward could face up to six months in jail and/or be required to pay a $1,000 fine.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Blake Griffin allegedly choked and slapped 39-year-old Daniel Schuman at Tao Nightclub. Reports claim that Griffin became upset with Schuman flashing a camera in his face.

When Schuman refused to give up his phone, that is when things reportedly became physical between Blake Griffin and Daniel Schuman.

In the police report that he filed with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Daniel Schuman claimed that the reason why he refused to let go of his cell phone was because of the fact that his identification and credit card were both attached to the device.

After Daniel rejected Blake Griffin's initial demands, Blake allegedly grabbed his neck and started to squeeze it -- forcefully demanding that he let go of the phone "or else."

Eventually, Daniel reported that he did give the phone up to Griffin which led to Griffin briefly walking away. However, once Daniel attempted to recover the phone back from Blake, the 25-year-old professional athlete allegedly grabbed and squeezed his neck yet again.

Once the security staff for the nightclub showed up at the scene of the incident, Daniel also claimed that Blake Griffin told them, "Get him the f**k out of this club" before reportedly slapping him on the right side of his face.

Shortly after Schuman left the club on the night in question, he filed a battery report at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and was questioned by police officers from that precinct the following day.

On the night of the incident in question, Blake Griffin was hanging out with two of his teammates -- Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. However, neither of his teammates were involved in this alleged incident.

Since Blake has not been convicted for any violent crimes in the past, TMZ claims that an actual jail sentence is not very likely.