Breakfast Philadelphia McDonalds Fight: 2 Women Miss Breakfast Deadline, Get Into Fight At McDonalds

Missing breakfast at a Philadelphia McDonalds led to a serious fight. According to, two women at the popular fast food eatery got super angry after they missed the 10:30 a.m. breakfast cut-off. Instead of realizing that it was their mistake and trying again the next day, the women decided to start arguing with people. Lucky for you, this was all caught on camera (check out the video below).

“The duo [directed] their rage at a man who was nearby, physically attacking him and swinging chairs at him. Weirder yet, it’s not clear if the man — who even had a broom broken over his head during the melee — was a security guard or customer,” reports

The breakfast fight at the Philadelphia McDonalds did not end well, but police did not arrest anyone — which is kind of odd, especially because things got physical. According to, the fight got straight up serious, but no one was charged. While a lot of people can relate to missing the “breakfast deadline” and getting frustrated about it, the majority of people would just say, “oh shucks,” and move on. However, this video is just another reason for others to start questioning why breakfast has to end at a certain time.

“Clearly these women were out of hand, but many people who saw the video don’t understand why the popular fast-food chain can’t extend their breakfast hours. In fact, the breakfast cutoff time doesn’t even seem to be the same throughout. Some stores say it ends at 10:30am while others offer breakfast until 11:00am,” reports My 9 NJ. Apparently, eating breakfast whenever you want is saved for special occasions and in Vegas.

The Philadelphia McDonalds where the breakfast fight broke out didn’t comment on the incident. In fact, McDonalds didn’t release any kind of statement about the incident at all. Since it really had nothing to do with the company or its employees, that is understandable.

Another fast food chain made headlines this week too. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a manager at a Chick-fil-A eatery made a list of banned slang words. He posted the list in his store and told his employees that they would get in trouble if he heard them use any of the words on the list, which included “bae,” “cuz,” “fam,” “on fleek,” and “hunnid.”

The video below shows the McDonalds breakfast fight. It contains some explicit language, and might be NSFW.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]