A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

Over the past year, pit bull bans are being rescinded across America as advocacy groups, owners, and animal rights groups are stepping up to defend the breed against “Breed Specific Legislation.” The Inquisitr reported on an Ohio town that is trying to fight back against its ban on pit bull breeds.

With owners facing potential prison time and new residents seemingly being harassed shortly after moving into Reynoldsburg, it comes as no surprise that an Indiana town also seems to be fed up with their ban.

According to KSHB 4 News, the pit bull ban in Roeland Park is being challenged with an optional replacement plan. The city’s ban on pit bull has been in place for 20 years but this could all change by year’s end because of a public forum that was held at the city’s community center. The city council heard from local residents and residents who were displaced by the ban over the years.

“I loved Roeland Park. I loved living here but it’s not an option to not have my dog. When my husband and I got married we were looking at places and that was the number one stipulation: a city without a breed ban.”

Janelle Howard lived in the city for 11 years before having to move because the city’s pit bull ban would not allow her to keep her canine. A representative from KC Pet Project said that the pit bull breed is simply misunderstood. He said that you have “laid back,” “high drive,” and everything in between with pit bulls.

Their personalities “vary from dog to dog.” He also went on to explain that pit bulls make up half of what their shelter holds and the city bans are to blame.

“We have people come in and fall in love with dogs all of the time and we get through the adoption process and we say, ‘Oh we can’t send this dog home with you because it’s outlawed in your individual city,’ and that’s why shelters like ours are trying to work with communities like Roeland Park.”

According to the Kansas City Star, of the more than 25 people that came out to be heard on the city’s pit bull ban, the majority were in favor of repealing the ban. Only four spoke in favor of the ordinance. However, the opponents of the ban prefer a replacement to a flat out repeal. The ban replacement would include several previsions aimed at owners and vicious dogs of all breeds, not just pit bulls.

“Under the proposed revisions, dog owners would not be allowed neglect dogs by chaining them outside. Stronger penalties would be invoked for owners of nuisance animals and the city would take a zero-tolerance approach toward dangerous or vicious dogs, with dogs being euthanized, restrained or removed from the city.”

What are your thoughts on a repeal and replace? Would support that over an outright repeal, or do you favor pit bull bans?

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