Kirk Cameron Wants To Save Christmas By Focusing On Christ, Denying Pagan Origins

christmas kirk cameron

Kirk Cameron is on a mission to save Christmas, and that mission starts with making sure you know that December 25 is the actual, true, real, honest-to-God birthday of Jesus Christ.

Aiming to put the Christ back into the holiday we’ve all come to know as Christmas, Kirk Cameron is preparing to release another film, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, that makes sure the focus this holiday Christmas season stays where it belongs: on the baby Jesus and the virgin birth. Speaking with the Christian Post, Cameron said that modern society has lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas thanks to a concerted effort on the part of secularists to take the magic miracle out of the birth of Jesus.

“We don’t know this stuff,” Cameron told the Christian Post, “we kinda drink the Kool-Aid and believe pagans when they tell us they have ownership of these things.”

By “these things,” Cameron refers to Christmastime staples such as Christmas trees and the actual calendar date of December 25. That date in particular, Cameron says, is the actual birthdate of Christ, despite what historians and Christmas naysayers might have the public believe. The “myth” of the December 25 celebration of Christmas originating in pagan traditions, Cameron says, is just part of the effort to draw attention away from the miracles presented in the Bible.

What’s more, Cameron says that standards like the Christmas tree have biblical roots. The former television star and sometimes political advocate says that he celebrates all of Christmas and wants others to as well.

“I’m making Saving Christmas because I love Christmas,” Cameron said. “I love everything about it. I’m a sucker for all of it, and of course the nativity, and there’s a lot of people who really want to put a big wet blanket on the celebration.”

Cameron went on to decry what he calls a yearly tradition of anti-Christmas sentiment.

“It starts this time of year,” he said. “You have people who want to pull down nativity scenes… It has to be winter break or holiday break or sparkle season… And then we have a new group who are telling us, convincingly, that Christmas is actually a celebration of paganism.”

The Christian Post, meanwhile, isn’t entirely on board with Cameron’s assertion that everything we know of Christmas has its origins in the birth of Christ. The publication points to a division among some Christians, especially over whether the traditionally celebrated day actually marks Jesus’ birth.

“There is nothing about Christmas in the Bible because it wasn’t celebrated while the Bible was being written,” one scholar told the Christian Post. “I don’t know why we as Christians feel that those traditions are being threatened.”

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas will open in select theaters for a limited time on Friday, November 14.