#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant: Best Tweets To Commemorate The Rosetta Comet Landing

#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant On Twitter

#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant not write an article about this cool Twitter trend, apparently.

Yes, on Wednesday the Internet — particularly Twitter — was abuzz with 140-character tributes to one of the most spectacular developments for space technology since the lunar landing.

Europe won the day by landing a small spaceship on the surface of a comet millions of miles away, something I confess I didn’t even think was possible.

(Go Rosetta Mission!)

Twitter users, however, took it as an opportunity to riff on the old “We can land a man on a moon, but we can’t…” saying. What they came up with ranged from poignant to hilarious. While going through the more than 18,000 tweets (thus far) we picked some of our favorites.

What do you wish we could do that we just can’t?