Daniel Tosh Rips ESPN For Allegedly Stealing ‘Web Redemption’ Segment

Daniel Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh ripped ESPN on Tuesday for allegedly stealing the popular “Web Redemption” segment from his Comedy Central show, Tosh.0.

On Daniel Tosh’s show, the “Web Redemption” segment is basically designed to allow someone that inadvertently embarrassed themselves in a viral video to redeem themselves with a second chance to get it done right the second time around.

According to Daniel Tosh, ESPN hijacked his segment (and even a popular question that Daniel is known for asking during the segment) for a Canadian signer that fell hard while singing his country’s national anthem right before a hockey game.

Instead of just ventilating his anger with words, Daniel Tosh developed a brand new segment known as Sport Science.0 in which he dissected ESPN from top to bottom in a way that only Daniel Tosh could.

Even if you are not a fan of Daniel Tosh or have never seen Tosh.0, chances are that you will at least be a little intrigued by watching this video — especially when he showcases his rebuttal/comeback segment.